Our Subconscious is Alive

Our soul specializes in communicating with us using the techniques of story-telling and metaphors. Our so-called subconscious can be likened to sacred space. The core concept of our sacred space is our personal spiritual experience. And our subconscious is part of our soul.

Consider whether if our thoughts, emotions and desires can be separated from each other. We can think of them as beings created by our soul, which we often perceive as the darkness within us. When we refuse to respect these beings, we are also refusing to respect part of our soul, and we immediately feel terrible as a result. Likewise, when we do the same thing (disrespect, condemnation, judgment) towards other people’s beings (thoughts, emotions, desires), negative emotions will also arise.

No matter how evil they desire, their true essence is good. No matter how vile they seem, their true essence is beauty. No matter how profane/deceptive they act, their true essence is always Meaning/Authenticity. Because all of these are part of the soul, even if they exist in seemingly reversed or negative states.

There is no way to prove or disprove the existence of the soul. It is quite pointless to try since it is not a physical or even logical object. It is different from something that can be understood, such as physics or logic; we simply accept or reject its existence based on faith.

When confronted with these sentient beings, the public generally uses the so-called simplest method: ignore (such as escape from one’s true feelings) or eliminate (such as taking psychotropic drugs). Unfortunately, no matter how much effort they make, they will never to eliminate part of themselves. These inner beings will continue to harass the host until the root issues are solved; whatever methods employed against them will eventually fail.

When we choose to accept rather than to reject parts of our soul, choose to believe and work with it, we will find ourselves happier and feeling more comfortable. Do give it a try. During the journey of our inner exploration, we use our own skills, courage and faith to confront and transform the Darkness within.

Rainbow Life Coaching can also be considered as a tool for internal development.


Things created by Humanity are false
Mere imitations of the True Divine
Sterile, without the touch of Life

Yet the soul can reach
Where the heart can’t feel
And the mind can’t think

Giving back the gift of Life
Seeing the Truth within the Fake
Knowing that the work of Man is also the work of God