Our Subconscious is Alive

What we call our subconscious is actually part of our soul. The soul is best thought of as a Higher Power that imbues life into us and grants us the ability to perceive meaning. Our soul speaks to us using stories and metaphors, so developing one’s imagination is essential to have a two-way communication with it.

There is no way to prove or disprove the existence of the soul. It is quite pointless to try since it is not a physical or even logical object. Like all undefinable matters, we simply accept or reject its existence based on faith.

Our Body, Mind and Soul are sacred instruments of creation. Through our Desires, Emotions and Thoughts, they transform Goodness, Beauty, Meaning and Authenticity from abstract concepts into practical examples within our daily life. Every moment of creating with these instruments is sacred.

Yet, this sacredness can be defiled when we or other people use them to create Evilness, Ugliness, Triviality and Deceit within our lives. At the point of defilement, a sacred space (within our experiences) is dishonored. The part of us which is hurt by the defilement is cut away and exiled deeply into the depths of our soul. It slowly grows in strength as it influences us from within this Darkness to repeat the defilement in other parts of our life experiences.

Our thoughts, emotions and desires are a composite; we can metaphorically consider them as beings created from our soul. If we refuse to honor these beings, we are refusing to honor part of ourselves and will feel bad as a result. On the other hand, if we do not treat the beings created by other people in the same way (e.g. refusing to honor them, condemning them, judging them), we will create the same negative feelings in other people.

No matter how evil they desire, their true essence is good. No matter how vile they seem, their true essence is beauty. No matter how profane/deceptive they act, their true essence is always Meaning/Authenticity. When we do our Inner Development, we use our own skill, courage and faith to confront and transform the Darkness within ourselves by going back to the experience of defilement and making things right again.

Things created by Humanity are false
Mere imitations of the True Divine
Sterile, without the touch of Life

Yet the soul can reach
Where the heart can’t feel
And the mind can’t think

Giving back the gift of Life
Seeing the Truth within the Fake
Knowing that the work of Man is also the work of God