Living with Inner Peace

We know that we have arrived at Inner Peace when these happen:

We naturally choose with an attitude of gratitude: Life brings presents to us, even if they seem unpleasant. We naturally trust and accept our experiences fully so that the annoyances in our life fade away.

We naturally feel with an attitude of compassion: We care about other people and beings, working to help them to develop and relieve their pain whenever possible. Our attitudes soften as we stop automatically criticizing people for their words and behaviors. Instead, we feel what drives their words and behaviors, understanding them from a deeper level.

We naturally think with an attitude of responsibility: We care about how the world works, including our daily lives. We do our own part to make the world a better place, even if they seem insignificant. We keep promises, fulfill commitments and discharge our duties. Our lives are no longer about solely about our own self-interest, but about living our mission in the world.

We naturally soul with an attitude of renewal: We become flexible with our mentality and open to new healthy experiences. We now become aware of many angles to issues that once had only a right and wrong answer. We bring positive change into our lives and the lives of other people around us. Life is which that changes, adapts and transforms. When one ceases to renew oneself, one loses one’s connection to life.


People love to take short-cuts. In the pursuit of personal development, they often try to force themselves to be their ideal selves. The 4 indicators above are the natural result of lengthy personal development and maturation, not something that can be intentionally created.

In choosing, there is only action or inaction. In feeling, there is only dignity and acceptance. In souling, there is only meaning and awe. Although logic only exists for the mind, many of us behave as if the mind is all of who we are. When we force our way through choosing, feeling and souling with only logic, we end up losing our way completely.


Be fully open to Life
Surrendering to every moment
Unconditionally accepting whatever appears
Like a mirror with no distortion

Good and Evil
Beauty and Ugliness
Meaningful and Worldly
Real and Fake

Everything has a place and time
Embrace all that comes forth
Knowing that everything happens for us
And nothing ever comes that is not a gift

Question our painful thoughts
See through the lies that we tell ourselves
Everyone is merely doing their duty the best they can
Let us choose to be free of stress and pain