Finding the Darkness

The facilitator can work on the level of pure belief for clients who are unable or unwilling to enter into the subconscious. This involves going through strongly held beliefs and questioning them one by one to realize the true nature of one’s pain.

For those who are receptive to subconscious work, the facilitator can work from the level of inner consciousness. This involves getting clients to a relaxed state, giving the intention for what needed to be released to come forth, then letting the Thoughts-Emotions-Desires (TEDs) surface automatically.

Sometimes the facilitator will also work with the inner dream world, in which the facilitator can explore imaginary or remembered places/stories within clients across time and space. Clients will be asked to create and change places/stories as part of the process.

By the time one has cleared the subconscious until it seems to be filled with light, the remaining Darkness usually hides very deeply and requires special techniques to access. After the subconscious work is completed, the facilitator guides clients to explore different parts of their own body by visualization.

Initially, clients can start with guided imagery to explore a symbolic body, whose different parts represent different aspects of their Life. Special techniques can be used to speed up clearing the huge number of TEDs at this stage. After completing the Rainbow Work on their entire symbolic body, the facilitator will then do the same with different parts of the physical body, focusing on the areas which feel painful, dark, tired or otherwise unwell.

After completing work on the physical body, the client will pay attention to their daily life to see where Darkness still appears. Using these as the cues, the facilitator can explore the issues in depth.