Exploring the Maze of Polarities

Each desire comes in a pair of polarities: we want to get something and at the same time we want to avoid something else. For instance, we want to be with someone we like while avoiding feeling lonely. We bring what we like close to us while keeping what we dislike far away. To honor our sacred spaces, we have to be aware of this polarity and address both ends of the polarities.

The inner beings of Darkness cover themselves with interlocking emotions, thoughts and desires in order to protect themselves. Each of the layers can feel like dense fog, mud, boulders or even impermeable fortress walls.

Entering each layer, we are seized with loops of mutually reinforcing Thoughts-Emotions-Desires, bringing our consciousness from one point to another point and eventually back again. Like a maze, this keeps us from finding our way into clarity while feeding more and more energy (with our attention) to the being.

Many people are fully not aware of this maze and follow it blindly. Yet even within the most elaborate maze, there will always be weak points which experience the greatest pressure of breaking. The Rainbow Worker will use tools such as guided imagery and releasing statements to find a weak point, in which we can then crack open the defenses to get to the Darkness within.

Upon entering the sacred space, we welcome the Darkness as part of a reconciliation of the abandoned parts of ourselves. We explore and acknowledge all the ugly emotions, the cruel desires and the meaningless thoughts. As we accept them unconditionally, we open ourselves to experience them fully without any judgment and dislike.

There are many places within our minds that a great variety of Darkness can hide. A combination of various techniques will be used by the Rainbow Worker to locate and enter each of them.

Most people will elect to stop when we come to the point where the Darkness is gone and there is only Light. For those who truly wish to go further in their personal development, the facilitator will also work with them to release the positive Thoughts-Emotions-Desires. Only when the process of releasing both polarities is completed are we truly free.