Rainbow Life Coaching

I work with people to help them realise their potential and function effectively in society (e.g. career, money, relationships, life direction). I focus mainly on healing the inner pain and trauma since that is what most people urgently need. In contrast to the materialistic, success-driven mindset of many other life coaching approaches, I believe that true happiness is established on a firm foundation of deep, genuine self-trust and self-acceptance.

As a child, I have no idea what is life. I saw people as objects and had no idea that they were anything more than the chairs and tables in my classroom. I did not know that they feel pain, pleasure, emotions and desires. I did not know that they have their own thoughts and free will. The physical world felt distant and unreal, like a dream, in which I was a sleepwalking mirror that passively observed. When I awoke to the concept of a separate self, I was still unable to accept my identity as a human being and my life on Planet Earth. Perceiving that the hostile world was out to get me, I constantly felt inadequate, anxious and depressed as I struggled within the Darkness around me.

The Rainbow Work began in 2001 when I learned how to use releasing statements to begin freeing my true self. Starting with these new tools, I began a huge inner transformation which eventually led to this work.

I crossed from a flat world where everything was like a flat photograph, to one where everything has a depth. I crossed from a world where my body was absent and emotions were alien to one where I feel comfortable with my body and emotions. I crossed from the unreal to the real, from the sterile to the living, from the disconnected to the connected. My world is now filled with the color of life, because I have crossed from a hostile and alien world that I observed silently to a beautiful and meaningful world that I participate actively in.

Chipping away what is not True
Chipping away what is not Beautiful
Chipping away what is not Good
The Sculptor smiles as the Rainbow Human appears

Thinking with Authenticity
Feeling with Goodness
Choosing with Meaning
Souling with Beauty

Thinking unhindered by the past and the future
Feeling unhindered by illusionary stories
Choosing unhindered by doubt and temptation
The Rainbow Human vanishes into the Ocean of Life